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22 March 2009 @ 07:34 pm
New camera! Yayayay!  

I officially have a new digital camera! YAY! *throws confetti for self* I have been going so long without one, I was going into digital camera depression… I just love technology, and I hate going without it for long periods of time.

What happened with my old one was that I didn’t use the case much at one point, so on the trip back from Vassar, the LCD screen got busted. In actuality, the camera can still take pics and vids and stuff, but how useful is it if I can’t even view what I’m taking? =P

Having had this happen, I had one of two options: Get it repaired or buy a completely new one. At first, I did want to get it repaired, but in order to do so, I’d have to ship my camera out, and I just didn’t wanna do that =P

So, between that realization time and now, I was off and on researching new cameras. I knew I wanted Kodak, partly because I love the brand and partly because I already had Kodak Easyshare on the computer ;)

Eventually, I ended up narrowing my list down. I know I could’ve easily ordered them off the Internet, but I decided to go check out Target and see what they had. Sure enough, they had a few Kodak cameras, one of which was on my list. The guy also had another one pulled out, which I also tested out. In the end, I liked both cameras, so it was a matter of his recommendation and color. He recommended the red camera if I liked video, so I went with it. Worked out great because the last camera I had was red LOL Notice a trend? =P I just love my red <3