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14 October 2014 @ 11:34 am
[13 Oct 2014] Verbal harassment  
Posting this here for anyone who didn't hear about the story yesterday. I know most everyone I wanted to hear about this knows about it, but I'm ready to start going more public about it.

Walking home from work, I decided to grab something from the gas station. When I was walking in, there was a guy standing outside smoking a cigarette. He was still there when I left. To walk back home, I had to cross right in front of him. First thing out of this guy's mouth as I pass right in front of him, with only a passing glance? "Hey cutie." I continue walking, as if I didn't hear anything. To be fair, continuing like this would've been the smarter thing to do, but he kept calling out to me, saying "Hey!" and I wanted to give him a piece of my mind. That, and I didn't know if he would follow me if I just straight-up ignored him. So I turn around and he says I don't look mean, so why do I have to act so mean (paraphrasing here, but you get the point). My response? "Because I'm not interested." And then I just walk away.

It's situations like this that cause me to be so guarded when I'm alone in public. It's situations like this that I give out a fake name to strangers sometimes. It's situations like this that I'm grateful I know self defense and carry pepper spray in my bag when I go out. It's situations like this that make me thankful I live so close to the police station.

What this guy just did was not respectful, and considering this doesn't happen to me often (again, very grateful for that), I felt a need to share it. Yes, I may look cute and all that, but you have no right to verbally harass me on the street. I have every right to behave how I want and walk freely without judgement/worry that a random guy will do something like this, to me or anyone else.